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Danube Delta boat trip "Tulcea - Mila 23 - Letea"

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Harbour/Port Tulcea - Tulcea Branch - Channel 36 - Sireasa Channel - Periteasca Channel - Sontea Channel – nearby Lake Nebunu (strictly protected) - Cot Candura - nearby Bacalanesti Lake - Fortuna Lake - Olguta Channel - Mila 23 Village (rest stop for visiting the village and optionally having a meal) - Eracle Channel - Trei Iezere Lake - Bogdaproste Lake - Old Danube Channel - Magearu Channel - Letea Village (rest stop in Letea Village, optional Letea Forest Safari/car or cart, depending on availability) - Sulina Branch - past the localities Crisan, Gorgova, Maliuc, Vulturu, Partizani – Tulcea Branch – Harbour/Port Tulcea
Approximately 6-7 hours
Boarding time:
09:30 (check-in at the embarking point 15 minutes before departure)
Boarding point for our tours:
Port Tulcea (Tulcea Harbour) immediately after passing the barrier at the entrance to the Tulco area. The official address is Tulcea City, Grigore Antipa Street No. 10 (at the intersection with Independenței Street No. 1).
Price per person:

  • The price per person includes:• Local tour assistance (english guidance)
    • One seat in a premium boat equipped with tarpaulin for the excursion route Tulcea – Mila 23 Village – Letea Village - Sulina Branch - Tulcea
    • Fuel for the excursion
    • Bottled still water 0.5l/person
  • The price per person DOES NOT include:• Traditional lunch at a local gastronomic point/household (fish/chicken or vegetarian menu; first plate, second plate, dessert and water): 16 euro/person
    • Visiting Letea Forest by safari car or carriage: 6 euro per person (payment is made in cash directly to the partners)
    • The entrance fee for the forest tourist route is (2 euro) 10 lei/person (fee imposed by Romsilva/paid in cash at the forest entrance).
    • The fee imposed by D.D.B.R.A. for access permit to the Danube Delta; 1 euro (5 lei)/day/person (can be paid online, via SMS or at the D.D.B.R.A. vending machine)
    • Any type of insurance (medical, life or for personal property)
  • OPTIONAL:• Birdwatching Guide (English Guidance): 100 Euro/Guide/Trip
    • Private tour (maximum 11 persons/boat): 400 Euro/Boat/Trip

Tour descripton

This route lasts 6-7 hours and you will have the opportunity to see three attractions of great interest for all tourists who choose to visit the Danube Delta. Specifically, the area of lakes and channels where you can encounter a variety of birds and plants, then a first stop in Mila 23 Village, and from here you will navigate towards Letea Village, near which is the renowned Letea Forest where the only wild horses in Europe shelter.

From our embarkation point, we will navigate on Channel 36, then on Sireasa Channel, past (strictly protected area) Nebunu Lake and then on Fortuna Lake until we reach Mila 23 Village. Once in Mila 23 Village, located in the heart of the Danube Delta, at the home of authorized locals as a local gastronomic point, you will be able to enjoy a culinary experience specific to the area, with a fish menu served in a traditional style. From Mila 23 Village, we will continue the excursion by boat to Letea Village, navigating depending on the water levels of the Danube, on Trei Iezere Lakes, Bogdaproste Lake, Old Danube Channel, Magearu Channel until we reach Letea Village.

In Letea Village, locals organize excursions to Letea Forest, which is approximately 7 kilometres away from the village. The locals provide carts or specially adapted safari vehicles for the sandy roads in the village. Letea Forest is a strictly protected area, the only forest in Europe grown on sand. Due to the sandy soil here, you will see a difference between this forest and the mountain forests, Letea Forest has much poorer vegetation and the trees not being as tall. The walk through the forest takes about 20 minutes (we walk together to the sand dunes and back on foot).

On the way to the forest, you will have the opportunity to see the wild horses which usually stay in large groups from 10, 20 to 100 specimens (on days with extremely high temperatures, they hide in the forest to avoid horseflies and enjoy the shade). From Letea Village, we return to Tulcea Port, but on a different route. We will go towards Crisan – Gorgova – Maliuc – Vulturu – Partizani until we reach Tulcea Branch and after that Tulcea Port.

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    **Seats in the safari car and lunch can be reserved at our pontoon before departing on the excursion (menu options include fish, chicken, or vegetarian).