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Danube Delta boat trip "Tulcea - Lakes and canals (2-3 hours)"

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Asking Price

Harbour/Port Tulcea – Tulcea Branch - Channel 36 – Cotete Lake - Trofilca Channel - Channel 36 - Tulcea Branch - Harbour/Port Tulcea
Approximately 2-3 hours
Boarding time:
Between 6:00 am and 06:30 pm. We form the groups and at the time of booking request, we will inform you about availability.
Boarding point for our tours:
Port Tulcea (Tulcea Harbour), immediately after passing the barrier at the entrance to the Tulco area. The official address is Tulcea City, Grigore Antipa Street No. 2 (at the intersection with Independenței Street No. 1).
Price per person:

  • The price per person includes:• Local tour assistance (english guidance)
    • One seat in a premium boat equipped with tarpaulin for the excursion route Tulcea - Channel 36 – Cotete Lake - Trofilca Channel - Channel 36 - Tulcea
    • Fuel for the excursion
    • Bottled still water 0.5l/person
  • The price per person DOES NOT include:• Traditional lunch at a local gastronomic point/household (fish/chicken or vegetarian menu; first plate, second plate, dessert and water): 16 euro/person
    • The fee imposed by D.D.B.R.A. for access permit to the Danube Delta; 1 euro (5 lei)/day/person (can be paid online, via SMS or at the D.D.B.R.A. vending machine)
    • Any type of insurance (medical, life or for personal property)
  • Optional:• Birdwatching Guide (English Guidance): 100 Euro/Guide/Trip
    • Private tour (maximum 11 persons/boat): 200 Euro/Boat/Trip

Tour descripton

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss such a tour when you visit the Delta:

  • It’s the favorite area for people interested in birdwatching, as they can take pictures and film various species of birds from a short distance.
  • Near by our route it’s the located one of the most important and extensive cormorant colonies (great cormorant and pygmy cormorant) and in the area you can also see the litle egret, great egret, squacco heron or black-crowned night heron.
  • Cotete Lake is also home to mammals such as European mink or wildcat.
  • The area is intensively populated by willows, yellow water lilies and white water lilies

Cotete Lake is located in the North Sireasa area, which also includes other hard-to-reach lakes like Carasu Lake and Purcelu Lake.

These tours usually take 2-3 hours, but the schedule can be modified according to your options and preferences. Although the most popular trips usually last 2 hours, the trip can be extended up to 3 hours if you want to visit more places in this area and have a traditional meal.

The traditional food from the Danube Delta has a distinctive taste, and you should try this culinary experience. You can choose to have lunch at a local traditional fishing hut, and this way, the duration of the tour can reach up to 3 hours.

The fairy landscapes and the variety of birds make the Danube Delta one of a kind in the world and will surely captivate you.

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    **Lunch can be reserved at our pontoon before departing on the excursion (menu options include fish, chicken, or vegetarian).

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