Amazing experiences in Danube Delta!

Tourist info:


The traditional lunch consists of traditional fish soup as the first course, which is prepared from several types of fish) and fried fish (second course) catfish, carp or pike depending on the fisherman’s catch of the day. The dessert offered by the hosts is always a surprise and varies from doughnuts, fruit tarts, and yoghurt pies to many other delicacies, depending on the location. The selected locations for lunch are traditional households that offer an authentic menu made from fresh fish.
● The orders cannot be placed as in a restaurant; therefore, all participants receive the same dishes.
● A day before boarding, we announce the number of people and the preferred menu for each person, and upon arrival at the hosts, we are greeted with a prepared lunch. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to have lunch, the number of portions, and the menu choice (fish, chicken, or vegetarian) for each person. Note that only individuals with a reservation have access to the location.
● At the time of booking, it is necessary to inform us whether you want the traditional fish menu or an alternative, chicken menu or vegetarian menu.
● Depending on the availability of our partners, the lunch price for adults may vary from 14 euros to 16 euros per menu per person and will be communicated at the time of reservation (children receive discounts according to age, but each of our partners has a different policy for children).
● Payment for lunch is made directly to the partners in cash, and access to all partner locations is prohibited to persons without reservation.

Safari vehicles or horse-drawn carts:

● Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to reserve spots for the safari excursion and the number of spots.
● Payment for the safari can be made directly to our partners in cash.

Children Policy:

● Children above 14 years old are considered adults and fall under the full fare category. For each child in the age categories below (each child accompanied by 1 adult), the discounts are as follows: 0-2 years old: 100%/free place | 3-6 years old: 75% off | 7-11 years old: 50% off | 12-14 years old: 25% off.
● Please provide us with the age of each child in your group at the time of booking. The discounts apply only to the excursion (our partners offer meal and safari vehicle discounts based on age, but each partner has a different policy).

Access permits for the Danube Delta:

The access permit for the Danube Delta is per PERSON and MANDATORY (conditions imposed by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration). The price of the permit is 1 euro (5 lei)/day/person and is NOT included in the cost of the tour. The permit can be purchased online at any time from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration website ( or directly from the vending machines located at their centre. The distance between the D.D.B.R.A. centre and our embarking point is approximately 500 meters. Please note that you must be present at the embarking point 15 minutes before departure time.

Important rules:

● During boarding and throughout the journey, it is necessary to follow the instructions of our staff (do not lean over or put your hands overboard, the risk of an accident is high).
● Access to the pontoon and access to the boats is only allowed with the approval of our staff responsible for boarding organization.
● Upon boarding the boat, our staff will hand each person a life jacket that must be worn throughout the water journey.
● Seats in the boat will be assigned by our staff, and during the journey, please refrain from standing up or walking around in the boat. If you need to move a few steps for any reason, it is necessary to notify your guide in advance.
● If exceptional situations are encountered on the route (channels blocked by debris, water level too low, etc.), our staff can decide a new route that will not affect the total program duration.
● For safety reasons, we do not allow swimming in the Danube from the boat or at the boarding points.