Amazing experiences in Danube Delta!


How many people will be in the boat?

The maximum capacity allowed (according to local legislation) is 12 seats (11 passengers + 1 driver).

What is the price for children?
Children are entitled to discounts according to their age:
● Children aged 0-2 years benefit from free admission
● Children aged 3-6 years benefit from a 75% discount
● Children aged 7-11 years benefit from a 50% discount
● Children aged 12-14 years benefit from a 25% discount
● Children over 14 years old are charged the full price

What is included in the tour price?

All our programs have all the details specified on their page (what is and what is not included in the price) for booking policy or cancellation policy you can check our “Terms and Conditions” page.

How do we access Letea Forest?

Letea Forest is located approximately 7km away from Letea Village and the road between the two can be travelled by one of the two methods offered by the locals from Letea:
● Safari car for approximately 24 people
● Horse-drawn cart for approximately 10 people
In Letea Forest, walks are only done on foot and there is no water access to the forest.

How should we dress for a trip to the Danube Delta?

All our boats are specially prepared for all types of weather. For hot summer days, they are equipped with tarpaulin, and in case it rains we can even use the protective covers.
For a full day in nature, we recommend:
● Hat
● Sunglasses
● Mosquito repellent or soothing cream
● Comfortable shoes (especially if you choose a trip to one of the villages whose streets are covered in sand, such as Letea Village or Caraorman Village)

What can we eat for lunch?

● Traditional menu with fish (first plate, second plate, and dessert)
● Chicken menu (first plate, second plate, and dessert)
● Vegetarian menu (first plate and dessert)
Please note that each partner has a different policy when it comes to the dishes they choose to offer. On the morning of embarking, when we reserve lunch for you, we can inform you what the menu will include (it can vary at any time depending on the fishermen’s catch).

How do we book our seats?

Booking is made based on a down payment of 50 % per person for adults and the remaining amount can be paid before boarding (cash or card).

What kind of boats are used for the tours?

The boats we use are specially designed for river transport and shallow water areas such as lakes and channels (you can see them in all the photos on this website).

How do we sit in the boat?

Everyone can choose their own seat, but please note that our staff may ask all passengers to change their seats. In order for the boat to navigate the shallow lakes, passengers’ weight must be distributed properly (the boat must be balanced).

Is there a toilet on the boat?

Our boats are not equipped with toilets, but our routes are specially chosen to allow a break every maximum of 2 hours.

What should we bring with us?

We recommend that you bring still water and a snack that can last in your luggage for several hours during the summer. There are shops in Mila 23 Village, Letea Village, Crisan Village, Caraorman Village, Sulina City, and Sfantu Gheorghe Village. Don’t forget to have cash with you (card payment is not always an option in the Danube Delta and there are no ATMs in the villages).