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We know the lakes and channels of the Danube Delta very well and even though we navigate these waters daily, the Danube Delta never ceases to surprise us with its beauty. This unique area in Europe, captivating with its multitude of plant and animal species, has won us over definitively and we invite you to join one of our shared tours. Join us by choosing a 2-3 hour tour or even a day tour and you will have the opportunity to discover why so many tourists return here year after year.

We pay special attention to how we travel in the Danube Delta, which is why we provide all our tourists only premium boats specially designed for shallow waters. All our boats are intended for tourism and are prepared even for the moments when weather conditions in the Danube Delta may become unfavourable. For those hot summer days, our boats are equipped with special tarps that protect us from the sun and can be detached to travel with a completely uncovered boat.

We want to spend as much time as possible in the Danube Delta indeed, and for transit areas such as the Danube branches (heavily navigated by commercial boats and a bit lacking charm), we have also equipped the boats with detachable covers. These provide extra comfort when we encounter rain clouds along our route and are very helpful in allowing you to enjoy a full day of excursion in the Danube Delta without having to carry heavy luggage with extra clothing for any weather conditions. In compliance with local regulations and out of respect for nature, our speed of travel in all our tours on lake and canal areas is approximately 10 km/h.

When you come with us to explore the Danube Delta, we recommend that you choose comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing suitable for a day in nature. For walks in the woods or through villages, don’t forget your hat, and for leisure time on the beach, the most important thing is high-UV protection sunscreen. Water, soothing cream if you know you’re sensitive to insect bites, a snack that can last in your luggage for several hours during the summer, and lots of good vibes!

All our programs have the boarding point in Tulcea Port (Harbour of Tulcea), immediately after passing the barrier at the entrance to the Tulco area. The official address is Tulcea City, Grigore Antipa Street No. 10 (at the intersection with Independenței Street No. 1).


Tour to Cotete Lake 2-3 hours

If you are coming to the Danube Delta for the first time and you don’t have much time, you should join an excursion in the area of lakes and channels, extremely appreciated by cormorants, spoonbills, egrets, and even the famous pelicans. We form groups throughout the day and to have a truly wonderful experience, we invite you on this excursion at sunrise or sunset when the birds feed energetically among the stretches of water lilies.

Mila 23 village

Mila 23, a small fishing village located in the heart of the Danube Delta has become famous thanks to the skill of the housewives who pamper their guests with traditional dishes specific to the area. This village that surprises with authenticity, with its houses built in the deltaic style and with the traditions of the Lipovans, is also the birthplace of the famous canoeist Ivan Patzaichin (quadruple gold medalist at the Summer Olympics of 1968, 1972, 1980, and 1984 and triple silver medalist).

Letea village

Letea Village is one of the most popular destinations in the Danube Delta, being considered the best-preserved village in the Danube Delta. Letea is the village where at every step you can see brightly coloured houses in shades of blue built from mud, wood, and reeds. About the Letea village, it is said to "have more horses than people." Here you can also visit the Letea Forest, the only forest in Europe where the famous wild horses can still be observed.

Sulina City

Sulina, is the easternmost point of Europe that can only be accessed by water.It is an extremely popular destination for our tourists, both because here you have the opportunity to see the confluence of the Danube (Sulina Branch) with the Black Sea and for the history-rich attractions of the city.

Caraorman Village

Caraorman Village belongs to the Crisan Commune and is recognised for the beauty of the Caraorman Forest, which thousands of years ago was united with the Letea Forest.

During the summer, the locals from Caraorman (mostly fishermen or farmers) pamper their visitors with delicious traditional dishes and captivating stories.

Route Mila 23 Village – Letea Village – Sulina City

This is one of our favourite routes. On lakes and channels, on a route where you can see an impressive variety of birds, from the traditional village in the middle of the Danube Delta to the famous Letea Village and the beach of a city with an impressive history. Lasting approximately 7 hours, whenever the weather allows, you can see where the Sulina

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